The preliminary program is now available:

We are very glad to announce the following speakers will give lectures at the school:

  • Pr. H.J. Maris (Brown University, Rhode Island, USA): Basics of phonon physics, Picosecond Ultrasonics, Phonons and particle physics,
  • Pr. D.G. Cahill (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA): Current understanding and unsolved problems in thermal transport at the nanoscale/Measurement of thermal transport coefficients at the nanoscale,
  • Dr B. Perrin (INSP, CNRS, Paris, France): Overview of Picosecond ultrasonics,
  • Pr C.K. Sun (NTU, Taipei, Taïwan): Imaging Interface using femtosecond ultrasonics,
  • Pr G. Fytas (University of Crete, Greece): Submicron Phononic Crystals Investigated in the Frequency Domain,
  • Pr M. Clark (University of Nottingham, UK): Bioimaging with sub-optical wavelength ultrasound,
  • Pr B. Audoin (Université de Bordeaux, France): Picosecond laser ultrasonics in single cells,
  • Pr. E. Weig (University of Konstanz, Germany): Cavity optomechanics, nanomechanics and the quantum regime,
  • Pr. B. Li (Tongji University, Shanghai, China): Phononics: Processing Information and Controlling Heat by using Phonons,
  • Pr. J-F. Robillard (Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France): Silicon based thermoelectric converters,
  • Pr. B. Djafari-Rouhani (Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille, France): Fundamental properties of phononic crystals and metamaterials
  • Dr. P. Emery (Menapic, France): Colored Picosecond Acoustics,
  • Dr. C.J. Morath (Brown University, USA): Picosecond Ultrasonics – from Lab to Fab,
  • Pr. A. Crut, (Universite Claude Bernard, Lyon, France): Vibrational and cooling dynamics of metal and hybrid nano-objects: experiments and modeling,
  • Dr. P.-O. Chapuis (INSA, CNRS, Lyon, France): Thermal Measurements at the Submicronic Scale,
  • Pr. P. Ruello (Universite du Maine, Le Mans, France): Picosecond Ultrasonics on Semiconductors and Perovskites,
  • Pr. P. Djemia (Universite Paris 13, France):  Thermoelastic properties of thin films: A complementary study by Brillouin light scattering and picosecond ultrasonics,
  • Pr. L. Belliard (UPMC, Paris, France)/ Dr. P.-A. Mante (Lund University, Sweden): Guided Waves in Nanowires.